An accessible and liveable Schiphol area – by travelling smarter, more flexibly and more sustainably

Teaming up for an accessible and liveable region

The accessibility and liveability of the Schiphol area is threatened. The number of business parks and residential neighbourhoods is growing, and so is the number of commuters. An accessible and liveable area is crucial for companies, their employees and residents in the region, which is why we need smarter, more flexible and more sustainable mobility.

Making Greater Schiphol accessible

Royal Schiphol Group, the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, the Province of North Holland, SADC, the Amsterdam Transport Authority and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment have joined forces in the Greater Schiphol accessible programme. Together, we are working on improved infrastructure, sustainable mobility and campaigns aimed at behavioural change to encourage people to work from home, cycle or use public transport. This will ensure that the Schiphol area remains an attractive area to live and work in.

We are part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s Samen Bouwen aan Bereikbaarheid initiative.

Curious about our working method? See the step-by-step explanation below.


How do I motivate my employees to travel differently?

How do I set up hybrid working?

How can I electrify my fleet?

Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar can help!
This is how:

  • We develop collective solutions for flexible, sustainable, smart travel.
  • We inform and encourage travellers to choose the most suitable way of travelling.
  • We advise and facilitate companies in implementing solutions for working from home, staggered travel times and encouraging cycling.
  • We actively bring stakeholders into contact with each other. This creates a network of active and committed employers.
  • We create synergy in projects and between initiatives.

How we work

  1. You have an initial conversation with a mobility agent to identify bottlenecks and opportunities.
  2. We make an inventory of travel behaviour within the area by means of a postcode scan.
  3. We support you in the development of your mobility policy and the communications around it. And we help with behavioural interventions and financing.
  4. We set up partnerships that are interesting for you.

Would you like to work with us? Please do!

Do you have your own ideas for effective action?

We would like to get in touch with you. Support and co-financing (to a maximum of 50%) from Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar are possible if at least two employers are involved.

Greater Schiphol Area

– 14 business parks

– 145 companies

– 145 transport movements

And 40,000 commuters

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Greater Schiphol Mobility Team

Fons Dammers

Mobility agent

Anne Jonkman

Communication advisor

Tanja van Kooten

Behavioral psychologist

Mirjam De Keizer

Project leader
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