Making the Schiphol area more accessible and liveable by making travel smarter, more flexible and more sustainable

Electric transport and logistics

As of 2025, only emission-free company cars will be permitted within the A10 ring road. The aim is to improve the air quality in central Amsterdam. This means that electric delivery vehicles are the future. Make sure that you are ready.

We are happy to calculate, free of charge, what electric transport will do for your business. Fill in the form on this website and we will contact you within five working days. We will look at your current vehicle types, your annual and daily mileage, the loads to be transported, and electric vehicle charging. Don’t wait – take action now! 

Heb je het webinar ‘Elektrisch vervoer in de logistiek’ al bekeken? In het webinar vertelt expert Michael van Wijngaarden van Breikers meer over de externe en ruimte ontwikkelingen, wet- en regelgeving en kansen omtrent elektrisch vervoer in de logistiek. Ook vertelt hij meer over de invoering van de zero emissie zones. COO Johan Cornelisse en collega Wessel Blok van Lamme Textile Management delen hun ervaringen met de overgang naar een elektrisch wagenpark.

Kijk het webinar HIER terug. 

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