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Facilitate E-bikes with the goinGDutch support tools

The use of electric bikes has increased enormously which is a remarkable development. As an employer, it is therefore important to have sufficient charging points for e-bikes near the entrance. GoinGDutch has developed an attractive and sustainable solution for this: the e-Deck. GoinGDutch has also launched the Bicycle Assistant. This is a convenient registration system that can be used for keeping track of the mileage your employees make from home to work and vice-versa.


An e-Deck is a two in one charging point and storage facility. It is equipped as an integral part of the system with a canopy and solar panels. Users can charge their e-bikes with the power generated. The decks have a buffer battery in which they can temporarily store excess energy. There are also wall sockets for charging e-bikes.

Bike Assistant

The Bike Assistant takes care of automatic mileage registration and mileage allowance of work-related activities. At the end of the month it automatically reports how many commuting activities have been registered. Based on this, the HR department can easily have the financial compensation processed by the payroll administration.

Is an e-Deck or the Bike Assistant really something for your organisation?

Please contact goinGDutch to discuss the possibilities.

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