Making the Schiphol area more accessible and liveable by making travel smarter, more flexible and more sustainable

How much travel time and costs can your organization at Business Park RichPort save?

Since last December Business Park RichPort is connected to a new high-quality bus line. It runs with a higher frequency and is more user-friendly. This makes the area more accessible by public transport. The new bus line offers RichPort companies an excellent opportunity to re-examine their mobility policy. That is why we are giving a mobility scan worth €2000,- as a gift to all companies at RichPort.

This scan provides insight into the commuting behavior of employees. This is based on anonymized employee zip code data. With this information, we help you with free tailor-made advice on your way to an appropriate and sustainable mobility policy for your organization. Interested? Send us an email at


You gain insight into your total commute, such as costs, travel methods, sustainability and vitality.

Fact based

You lay a foundation based on accurate and current data. So current timetables, accurate routes and traffic jams.


A good mobility scan offers inspiration and maps out the potential for change: How much costs can be saved? How do you achieve CO2 targets? And what is the impact on travel times.

Continuous process

Mobility policy is never really ‘finished’. By doing an annual mobility scan, you know how your results relate to your objectives and where there are opportunities for improvement.

GDPR-proof mobility advice

By collecting data from multiple organizations, it is also possible to draw up mobility advice for the entire business park. We ensure you that only data is used that cannot be traced back to individual persons. The more companies participate, the more valuable the insights are.

This way we can keep the area accessible together!

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